Leffe Radieuse

I found these tasting notes from about a year ago.


It’s a name that beer-types know.
A glorious ruby on the pour, with a persistent cream head. It’s so different from the crop of Pale Ales, IPAs and Saisons that most often grab my attention. Just the most beautiful colour. It’s not red, but it’s not brown either. Mahogany, perhaps?

It’s not got a huge nose, but plums and cherries and vanilla come through.
Initially sweet, the flavours morph as the beer sits in your mouth. It’s like summer pudding that turns into plum pie. The sweetness gives way to a deeper, richer, unctuous velvet with just the hint of golden pastry as you swallow. And then it’s gone, but what remains is the bitter echo of that malt. The almost-burnt pastry flavour. I can almost see the pie coming out of the aga.

This is my first Belgian, so I don’t know if what I’m tasting is representative. But I am rather looking forward to finding out.