Women & Beer (The Session #81)

TheSessionBeerBloggingFridayI like beer.
I also like women.
I like one woman more than any other.
That one woman said something very wise to me, one night many moons ago, soon after we first met.
That very wise thing was; “You don’t have to drink shit beer, you’re not a student any more!”
That one wise woman brought good beer.*
That one wise woman is now my wife; I knew that I was onto a good thing.

* The beer was made by Matilda Bay Brewery, and I’m pretty sure that it was just called Matilda Bay. It had a sandy coloured label, with blue writing. And I can’t find anything about it anywhere. If anyone remembers it, or has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Australian beers available in January 2003, please tell me.


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