Up & Coming Beer Locations (The Session #97)

Forgive me, it has been 10 months since my last con…session post. I am a lapsed blogger. It’s so easy to let life get in the way – the first Friday of the month arrives suddenly, and departs just as suddenly. Or I simply find a reason why I won’t post this month. 

Well, not today people… I read a post by Boak & Bailey today. And it reminded me why I blog. I enjoy it. I enjoy the writing. And the reading. And the interaction. I enjoy the process. I hope that you enjoy this…

So, Brett and Erin (of ourtastytravels.com) ask “where IS the next beer destination?”

I have little doubt that many of this month’s session posts will be arguments for people’s home town or region. And I expect that many of those arguments will be very convincing – for a moment I was going to lead a case for mine; Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula (a pincer movement of Mornington Peninsula Brewery on one flank and Red Hill Brewery on the other). But…

Today is the last day of a sudden trip back to Britain. In fact, I should probably be packing now – so I’ll be brief. 

While I’ve been back in the UK, I’ve visited 5 pubs, and 11 beer retailers. I’ve drunk 7-8 different beers on tap, and about a dozen bottled beers. I’ve had CAMRA-approved real ales, faux-craft supermarket brews, and modern craft beers. I’ve drunk countless pints of, the local standard, Harvey’s Sussex Best Bitter (usually pretty reliable, if uninspiring). And I’ve drunk Siren Craft Brew’s remarkable black gose “When The Light Gose Out”. I’ve drunk the always excellent Thornbridge Jaipur and the often underrated Brewdog Punk IPA. I’ve drunk Brooklyn East India from a Spieglau IPA glass, and Harvey’s from a plastic pint glass at the football (food match: meat pie). 

Thinking about the breadth of my last 2 weeks’ beer drinking, I was struck by a simple truth; the “next beer destination” is where you already are. You don’t need to travel to Belgium, or York, or New York, or New Zealand – there are adventures to be had just outside your door!

  • Places worth visiting from my recent travels
  • Coach & Horses, Danehill, East Sussex.
  • Teign Cellars, Newton Abbot, Devon.
  • Tucker’s Maltings, Newton Abbot, Devon.
  • Waitrose, East Grinstead, West Sussex.
  • The Amex Stadium, Falmer, Brighton. 

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